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The Cost of Fabric-Covered Buildings

The cost of fabric-covered buildings can vary a lot depending on your location, the size of the building, and your specific wants and needs. For instance, if you would like to leave one end of the building open for ease of access, the lack of material may make the overall building cost cheaper.


However, that is just one example of how your needs may change the cost of the fabric-covered building. There are numerous other factors that you should consider as well, including:


Factors Affecting the Cost of Fabric-Covered Buildings


Size of the Building

One of the most relevant, and perhaps obvious, factors affecting the cost of a fabric building is the size. In fact, the size is so relevant to the cost that most companies will quote you a square foot price for the project, rather than a total project cost. 


Of course, the size of the building does make sense as a cost-determining factor. Therefore you should place this at the top of your consideration list. Determining the exact size of your building will help you maintain your budget and give you a good idea of the room that you will have available for use.


Location of the Building

Slightly less important than the size, but relevant nonetheless, the location of the building will influence the cost of your fabric-covered building as well. For instance, if you are placing your building on an acreage or farm plot, you will need to level the ground in advance of the building. Additionally, you could need to pour a concrete pad for the building to cover, but that will be determined more by use than by the specifics of the building.


Customization of the Building

As was alluded to earlier, the customization aspect of the building will play a significant role in the ultimate cost of the building. Building on the previous example, say you want to have an open area for access to the building. Have you considered whether you will need to close it during inclement weather, or if the structure of the building must receive reinforcement due to the opening? 


Sunprotecting awning from fabric material


It is these types of considerations that can quickly rack up the cost of building a fabric-covered building, especially if you have several requests or stipulations. 


The Cost of Fabric-Covered Buildings


Although each of the factors listed above plays a critical role in determining your final costs, there are some generic prices for your consideration. For instance, an average quote for a building ranges between $4-$7 per square foot. Therefore, if you were looking for a relatively small storage space, perhaps a 10’ x 20’ building, and you received the average cost of $5 per square foot, you would be looking at a final price of $1,500. 


Remember, though, that the factors above do play a big role. Enjoy hunting for your fabric-covered building, and take your time making a decision!


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