Fertilizer storage buildings
We perform professionals installations of all of our buildings. Our in-house crews are specially trained and experienced to offer reliable and efficient project execution, and we are always on-time and within budget. If you require a fabric structure for personal or small-business use, we will travel to your site and take care of the entire process, start to finish. If you have a team of installers within your company, our crew will work alongside them to ensure the best possible outcome.
At Coverco Buildings, safety always comes first. No project commences until we implement a full, site-specific safety plan. Our safety professionals will also work with you and your team to create and implement safety strategies that are specific to your project’s particular needs and characteristics. We also perform building and foundation inspections to ensure the safety of the structure, post-installation.
We perform maintenance and repairs as part of our commitment to ongoing service. We have the expertise and tools necessary to perform cover replacements and repairs. We can visit you on-site or provide remote assistance, depending on the extent of the damage and repairs needed. Our fabric covers last for decades, but we can replace the fabric at any time to increase natural light or accommodate a transition of functionality.

Project Management

It’s important to us that we meet all deadlines and exceed your expectations. We will develop a plan for your project that is S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely). Splitting your project into specifically assigned tasks helps us to build a road map that allows us to track progress, and ensure we meet all project objectives, including time and budget.



Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings
Pre engineered steel buildings

All of our buildings are built to be permanent structures, but also offer the convenient ability to be relocated. Talk to us about our foundation solutions. Depending on your building needs, we can recommend a structural foundation that will fit your building, location, and permit requirements. Choose from precast concrete walls, screw anchors, concrete slabs, piers or blocks, wooden posts, or sea containers.

HVAC / Electrical

Pre engineered steel buildings
HVAC and electrical systems are crucial components of any complete building system. Adequate ventilation is essential to the health of employees and livestock, but requirements may vary based on your industry. We offer environmentally friendly solutions, allowing you to heat and light your building in the most efficient way possible. Talk to us about radiant heat and tube ventilation, high bay lighting, panel distribution, passive and active wall vents, LED lighting, electric door openers, forced make-up air units, and air handling units.


Fertilizer storage buildings

In Canada’s harsh climate, you need a building that is insulated. Even if your building is merely for storage, insulation will keep your equipment safe and protected. We offer several insulating products, including spray foam, FR foil insulation, and R20/30 panels. These insulation materials will help to create an ideal indoor environment for any function; the type of material you need will differ based on your industry and building use.


Fertilizer storage buildings
As with practically every aspect of your fabric structure, the floors of your building are customizable. At Coverco Buildings, we have several floor options. Choose from rig/access mat flooring, concrete slabs, or rubberized flooring. Each option has characteristics that may be better suited to one industry over another. We can make suggestions based on your building’s intended use.

We Take Care of Everything 

Why Coverco

Qualified Professionals

At Coverco, you have the opportunity to work with a trained team of professionals. With decades of experience, we adhere to industry standards to ensure safety and quality are the priority.

Sophisticated Solutions

We only work with the best manufacturers in the country to provide turnkey solutions for fabric covered and steel buildings. Our dedication to structural integrity helps us stand out from the rest.

Full Project Management

We offer full project management to ensure your project stays on track, and you are kept up to date with any changes. We also foster open lines of communication with our clients.

Exceptional Execution

Because we are a solution-driven company, we aren't satisfied until the execution of every project is flawless and our clients are satisfied. We ensure a smooth and easy process.

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Yes. Expanding your existing Coverco structure is quick and easy because the framework is designed with provision for future extension. Building size capabilities range from 16’ wide to over 250’ wide, with the option of extending to unlimited length.

Coverco structures can be ordered and installed much quicker than traditional wood or steel buildings. Order and installation times can vary based on the scope of the work needed to be done, size and customization.
All Coverco structures are engineered to be permanent buildings. However, the type of foundation utilized for your building can dictate your permit status. For example, mounting your building on concrete lock blocks can sometimes be considered a temporary structure by your local building official. This may vary depending on your location.
It is highly recommended getting a permit to ensure that your building will meet the correct requirements for your area.
Yes! As a part of your building planning process, we will offer suggestions on door locations and configurations that will best suit your needs and budget.
As a versatile solution to conventional construction, Coverco Buildings offers economical and customizable pre-engineered buildings, compatible with a wide variety of options. Our team will work with you to design the perfect building to suit your specific needs.
Yes. The wall panels and/or roof panels and trims are painted with a long-lasting factory-applied paint, available in a variety of colors. A Galvalume finish is also available.

PBR roof panels are fastened to the supporting purlins using screws that penetrate the panel. Detailing methods, trims, and sealants all assist to reduce the risk of roof leaks.

The PBR roof panel system is a very common roof system and is recommended for roof slopes of 1:12 or greater. Our Ultra-Dek roof system is a “standing seam” roof system that hides all roof penetrations under the seamed panel ribs. This reduces the risk of roof leaks and is a superior roof. Lower roof slopes can also be achieved.