Superior: Engineering. Solutions. Execution.
Superior: Engineering. Solutions. Execution.
Superior: Engineering. Solutions. Execution.


As industry professionals, we stick to our promises. We always complete projects on-time, and we never go over budget.


We are not driven to sell a product; we are driven to provide a positive solution for your needs. We also believe in safety first.


We only deliver the highest quality products to our clients, sourced from Canada’s top steel building manufacturers.

Saskatchewan’s Premier Steel & Fabric Buildings

At Coverco Buildings, our influence has expanded to include all of Saskatchewan. We are pleased to supply and install fabric-covered buildings and pre-engineered steel buildings. The structures that we sell are both durable and versatile, ideal for several of the province’s top industries, including agriculture, fertilizer storage, sand and salt storage, mining, sports, and recreation. We are proud to provide tailored solutions for your needs alongside outstanding customer service. When you come to Coverco for a building solution, not only do we supply and install the product, but we also offer ongoing maintenance, property inspections, building inspections, HVAC and electrical solutions, and more. Give us a call, and we can help you choose the right building for your needs. Our team is passionate, prompt, and prepared to help in any way you need.

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High-Quality Coverall Buildings in Saskatchewan

For more than 20 years, we have been a leading supplier of fabric structures in Saskatchewan. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service and going above and beyond for our customers by offering ongoing repairs and maintenance, comprehensive installation, and more. You can trust Coverco Buildings to be #1 in the industry with our safe, affordable, and economical building solutions.


Superior engineering is the hallmark of our company, and as such, we offer a variety of other services and add-ons. We can tailor your building to meet the needs of your specific industry with unique foundations, flooring, HVAC, electrical, and insulation options.


We also employ a professional project management team to ensure your project receives the dedication and attention it deserves. We offer ongoing repairs and maintenance, plus, our Saskatchewan fabric structures feature a comprehensive 50-year warranty, while our steel buildings include a 1-year warranty for installation.


Give us a call to learn why Coverco is the best solution for your building needs.






Oil & Gas


Warehouse & Equipment Storage


Agriculture & Equestrian




Sports & Recreation


Waste Recycling & Compost


Like sand and salt, fertilizer is also a corrosive material and requires specific conditions when it comes to long-term storage. Our hot-dip galvanized steel frames and structures can withstand rust and deterioration, unlike most other metals. We can customize your building with added protection for a safe and secure fertilizer storage facility.

Sand / Salt

Sand and salt storage is one of the most common uses for our industrial fabric covered buildings. We cater to municipalities that require a storage solution for the uniquely corrosive properties of salt and sand. Our structures are durable and practical; offering added protection against rust and deterioration.

Oil & Gas

Our structures are of the highest industrial quality and can be customized or expanded to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. They are easy to relocate and install in remote drilling locations. Whether you need a permanent or temporary solution for a drilling site, processing facility, or storage, Coverco can help.

Warehouse & Equipment Storage

Our fabric and steel structures are extremely versatile and durable. We can evaluate your needs for storing equipment and machinery, finished products, or raw materials, and provide a building solution that is the right shape and size. Our steel buildings can also accommodate offices and workspaces to meet your needs.

Agriculture & Equestrian

In the agriculture industry, custom engineering is required to provide a structure that offers a safe and ideal solution for anything from hay and equipment storage to livestock housing and equestrian tracks. Our fabric buildings are spacious and bright, simulating the airiness of the outdoors while providing the comfort of indoor temperatures and protection from the elements.


Our buildings come in several shapes and sizes and are easy to relocate and install in remote areas. For this reason, Coverco fabric buildings are ideal for the mining industry, whether you require a temporary or permanent building. Our fabric structures are versatile when it comes to style and foundation type; they can stand wherever your drilling operations occur.

Sports & Recreation

Experience the versatility of our fabric and steel buildings. As a sports facility, our buildings can accommodate anything from an indoor ice rink, tennis court, or soccer field, to a driving range or paintball grounds. As a general recreation facility, the sky’s the limit. A durable, multi-purpose, fabric building facility can house weddings, conventions, trade shows, markets, concerts, and more.

Waste, Recycling & Compost

Our custom engineered buildings with clear span interiors offer maximum functionality for the waste and recycling industry. Select features include odour-control, durability, and brightly-lit interiors. Our structures can make handling, sorting, and storing waste, recyclables, and compost materials easy and economical, not to mention safe.


Why Coverco

Qualified Professionals

At Coverco, you have the opportunity to work with a trained team of professionals. With decades of experience, we adhere to industry standards to ensure safety and quality are the priority.

Sophisticated Solutions

We only work with the best manufacturers in the country to provide turnkey solutions for fabric covered and steel buildings. Our dedication to structural integrity helps us stand out from the rest.

Full Project Management

We offer full project management to ensure your project stays on track, and you are kept up to date with any changes. We also foster open lines of communication with our clients.

Exceptional Execution

Because we are a solution-driven company, we aren't satisfied until the execution of every project is flawless and our clients are satisfied. We ensure a smooth and easy process.

Start Working With the Best

Our Fabric Buildings Are Made to Last

We offer comprehensive and versatile coverall buildings for any industry. In Saskatchewan, our structures are especially useful for sand and salt storage, warehouse and equipment, fertilizer storage, and agricultural industries. Whether you need a hay storage building or a riding arena for horses, we can deliver a customized solution. Our buildings are also well-suited to the demands of fertilizer storage with hot-dip galvanized steel trusses and an added layer of corrosion protection. We know how important it is to protect your greatest assets, regardless of your industry, especially from the harsh climate and other environmental factors. Through exceptional innovation, engineering, and design, we guarantee our buildings will hold up against the elements and withstand typical wear and tear.

Our Process


Analyze Your Needs

We begin every new project the same way. We want to find out what you need and what level of customization your project requires.


Brainstorm & Create Solutions

We’ll present an affordable and practical solution based on your needs, evaluating the benefits of fabric and steel buildings.


Going To Contract

Once the project goes to contract, our team of professionals will get to work designing, engineering, and manufacturing your customized solution.


Execution & Completion

Our project management team is involved every step of the way to ensure optimal execution. We can also discuss options for ongoing maintenance.