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How Much are Steel Buildings?

Steel buildings are used in a wide variety of industries. From storing dry goods like fertilizer, dirt, abrasive blast media, and grain to adaptable workshops like mechanic shops, farming equipment, and more. There is always a good reason to get a steel building for your property. 

However, steel buildings do not come cheap even if they are pre-engineered. This is because of the cost of material, the size of the project, and the amount of labour involved. It is important to understand the ways your cost can change depending on the specifics of your project. 


Steel Building Considerations



Because most steel buildings are quoted by square footage, it is very relevant to consider the size of your building. Even if your building will just be one large room it will still require extra supports and materials depending on the length of it. This is why determining the size of your steel building is important before finding out the cost.


Alternative Construction


Materials Used

Another important consideration for your steel building project is the materials that will be used. For instance, a steel building that will be placed on a pre-levelled surface will cost less than one that requires a concrete foundation. However, with the lower cost also comes a less protected building, and that requires careful planning. 

Furthermore, if your building is relatively simple and does not require extra supports or materials, it will cost less. But here again, simplicity does not equal quality and it may be necessary to segregate rooms to suit your unique needs. 


The Cost of Steel Buildings


With these considerations in mind, there can still be quite a variance in the cost of a steel building. However, with a full concrete slab and insulation included, you are likely to spend between $15-$24 per square foot. This cost can be reduced as discussed above, but most steel buildings will require these important additions in order to function at their best.

Remember, the best way to get a great deal on your steel building is to talk with the experts. They will have ways for you to save money and can make a specific plan that works for you and your plans. Plus, with years of experience, they will know the ins and outs of proper planning, and can likely guide you to an option that you may not have considered fully, or even known about in the first place.


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