How Long Do Steel Buildings Last?

When you invest in a new build, you likely want your building to stand the test of time. Having to spend more money a few years down the road to reconstruct that same building seems less than appealing.


Steel buildings are a popular choice when it comes to construction because of their association with durability. But just how long do they actually last?


We explore the longevity of a steel building below.


The Lifespan of a Steel Building


The Benefits of a Steel Building


While there are several material options to choose from when building, steel has established a reputation for celebrating three main aspects:




As you can imagine, steel buildings are strong. They are designed to withstand Alberta snowstorms and rainfalls. It is difficult to compromise the makeup of steel, and they are more resistant to the wear and tear that affect other building materials.




Steel buildings typically require less maintenance during their early years. This is an attractive feature for builders who simply want to finish construction and not have to worry about repairs immediately after.




Steel buildings are generally made to be permanent.


It must be noted, however, that aspects like permit status and maintenance will impact this permanence. 


How Long a Steel Building Lasts


The general consensus is that steel buildings can last approximately 50 years, provided you ensure regular upkeep. This can include actions as simple as washing your building and treating small scuffs as they appear.


This isn’t to say that they will be structurally compromised once they surpass that 50-year mark and that they will need to be torn down and rebuilt. Rather, professionals will be needed to be brought in to inspect the building and work on restoring it.


The life expectancy of steel is greater than most other materials used in construction, so choosing to build with it is never a poor decision. Never hesitate to reach out to professionals who specialize in steel buildings to gather more information and gain expert opinions.


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